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At Baser, we recognize your struggles with inferior patio umbrellas. Like many, you've discarded several in search of durability and flawless functionality, without fading or breakage. A Baser patio umbrella is different, let us tell you why.

Patio Umbrellas

Centerpole Patio Umbrellas

Ideal for your spacious terraces, Baser Centerpole Patio umbrellas gives you simple, sophisticated shade with elegant ease.


Cantilever Patio Umbrellas

For your spacious outdoor retreat, Baser Cantilever Patio Umbrellas gives you stylish, flexible shade with simple elegance.


Flexible Balcony Patio Umbrellas

Perfect for your cozy balcony or snug space, the Compact patio umbrella brings charm and shade to even the tiniest of outdoor areas.


Beach Patio Umbrellas

Bring it to the beach for a shaded retreat, protecting yourself and your kids from the sun.

In the shade of a patio umbrellain Christian's outdoor office in a sunny spot

You are not alone. Many, like you, are quite tired or very tired of poor and low-quality patio umbrellas.

You know what I'm talking about because you have certainly thrown out several patio umbrellas in your quest for a good patio umbrellathat actually lasts.

Or you have almost given up finding a patio umbrellawhose color lasts more than a season and doesn't look like a zebra with tragic faded stripes.

Or struggled with broken ribs, broken tilt features, and useless cranks.

And every time, you're left with a feeling that you've paid too much for the low quality you've received.

Or you know that you'll have to spend £89 next season because the patio umbrellaonly lasts one season.

Patio umbrellas a bit like these:

If this sounds even slightly familiar, then a Baser patio umbrellaor cantilever patio umbrellais definitely for you.

I have, like you, tested countless patio umbrellas that either broke in half or had their color fade in the sun after a season.

I wanted to create a patio umbrella like no other

A patio umbrellathat:

1. Holds up and withstands sun, wind, and rain without breaking

2. Creates perfect shade and is easy to use

3. Has a stylish and simple design at a fair price.

So, if you want the ultimate patio umbrella that can withstand all kinds of summer weather.

With an incredibly good fabric that retains its color in a stylish design.

Then say hello to Baser's patio umbrellas

Patio Umbrellas

Centerpole Patio Umbrellas

Ideal for your spacious terraces, Baser Centerpole Patio umbrellas gives you simple, sophisticated shade with elegant ease.


Cantilever Patio Umbrellas

For your spacious outdoor retreat, Baser Cantilever Patio Umbrellas gives you stylish, flexible shade with simple elegance.


Flexible Balcony Patio Umbrellas

Perfect for your cozy balcony or snug space, the Compact patio umbrella brings charm and shade to even the tiniest of outdoor areas.


Beach Patio Umbrellas

Bring it to the beach for a shaded retreat, protecting yourself and your kids from the sun.

But I can get 3 of the cheap patio umbrellas

We are always completely honest at Baser - so yes, a Baser patio umbrella is more expensive than the cheap patio umbrellas and cantilever patio umbrellas.

And yes, all patio umbrellas look a bit alike, so what's the big difference? The difference is tangible.

Because you'll end up with patio umbrellas that feel insecure, creak and squeak in the wind, with a quality that you can see is dubious at first glance.

And you'll quickly find that the fabric loses its color in the sun and doesn't provide the necessary UV protection.

Or the "fantastic" crank breaks, and no matter how much you desperately turn the handle, the patio umbrella won't go up or down.

Until the cord snaps, and you can't return the patio umbrella because the seller says YOU BROKE IT, which is completely absurd.

So yes, a Baser patio umbrella and cantilever patio umbrella are more expensive, but you'll also be happy with them. Guaranteed.

And you will be because our patio umbrellas last.

Forget about rust and broken ribs or handyman fixes when the cheap patio umbrella breaks.

Baser has the best patio umbrella for summer at a really good price and with the right quality.

Secondly, we have an insane "we'll buy your product back if you're not satisfied" guarantee!

Yes, we'll buy back your Baser patio umbrella, and yes, I'll also pay for the return shipping if you don't think the Baser patio umbrella is right for you.

You can read the whole guarantee below, and quite honestly, if you have a problem, you write to Christian(@), and we'll fix it.

But I'm absolutely sure that you'll be very happy with your Baser patio umbrella because it's just as good as our Baser patio umbrella base, and our customers like it😄

Become part of the Baser Family

We will not rest in the shade until you are a happy part of our family

96% of all Baser customers are happy with their purchase, however, most importantly we always ensure that the last 4% become happy as well.

What Clients Say

Profile image

I have been missing this parasol base for the last 10 years as a homeowner. Simple and stylish. An old and useless concrete base can be picked up at the recycling station :-)

Profile image

Was shipped as expected, good product.

Profile image

Før havde jeg en plastik parasolfod, men jeg er så glad for min Baser. Den ligger perfekt og virker upåklageligt. Andre bør helt klart vælge Baser, da den ikke kun fungerer godt, men også ser pæn ud. Jeg giver den 5 stjerner!

Tina Rasmussen
Profile image

Fantastic product, easy to move, no longer any heavy lifting of 50 kg granite :)

Profile image

Fantastic product

Profile image

At first, I thought it was an expensive parasol base, but the screws on my regular base are helplessly rusted after 2 seasons. This base never rusts and the parasol is really firmly in place.

Profile image

I didn't have a parasol before, but since I discovered Baser, I'm extremely satisfied. The simplicity of its construction and the fact that unnecessary weight is not shipped are what I appreciate the most. I find Baser easy to use and it seems to be quite durable. Overall, I rate Baser with 4 stars. I highly recommend it to others seeking a reliable and user-friendly parasol option.

Kim Svensson
Profile image

"I switched from Granit to Baser and I'm thrilled! Baser is incredibly flexible and easy to move, making my experience much smoother. Compared to standard bases, Baser is a breeze to use. I'd rate it 4 stars!"

Patrick Legros
Profile image

Basers way of handling orders is absolutely perfect. Accurate and without any problems.

Profile image

Super easy to move around. Nice design but I had some issues with the setup. Fixed it after talking to customer support.

Profile image

It’s brilliant, just what I wanted, and an excellent (so simple to use) design.

Profile image

Good experience

John J
Profile image

"I used to have plastic products, but since discovering Baser, I've completely changed my perspective. Baser's grat idea of sustainability has won me over. I highly recommend choosing Baser to others who value eco-friendly options. I rate my experience with Baser a solid 5 stars!"

Cheryl Denny
Profile image

Everything is great, design and functions! A great product and prompt delivery!

Profile image

"Baser has truly been a game-changer for me. Before discovering this incredible brand, I had nothing. But now, I can proudly say that I support European products and their environmental messaging. Baser's smart product design, coupled with their environmental mindset, is truly commendable. I rate Baser with a stellar 5-star rating. If you're looking for a brand that combines innovation, sustainability, and quality, I highly recommend choosing Baser. You won't be disappointed!"

Stephen Jones
Profile image

"I had nothing before, but now with Baser, I have found the perfect solution. I love my parasol base and sandbag from Baser because of its practical design and versatility. It's truly worth it! I can't imagine being without it. A definite 5-star rating from me!"

Caroline Bovyn
Profile image

Great customer service, highly recommend

Profile image

"Before Baser, I had nothing. Baser has made my outdoor experience effortless with its easy setup and portability. I highly recommend it for its quality. I rate my Baser 5 stars!

Cristian Faccin
Profile image

Impressed that such a simple thing can be redesigned in such a smart way! Definitely recommended - have 3 in my garden.

Profile image

Stylish parasol base with great functionality. The Base is stable and safe even in windy conditions, highly recommended and.

Profile image

All the best and great product!

Profile image

Safe and fast delivery

Profile image

"Before discovering Baser, we had nothing for our parasol base. Thanks to Baser, assembly is a breeze, and storing it when not in use is a piece of cake. It does exactly what it promises, making it a top choice. 5-star rating for my Baser!"

Sile Harty
Profile image

Best product ever to stabilize my shade! My kids love to sit on the sandbags - it is easy to move around, its pretty and you dont hurt your feet if you accidentally hit it :)

Profile image

It can only be recommended. It is super nice that you can move it without too much hassle, and then it is stable even when it's windy

Profile image

I take every opportunity to recommend the product to others, as it is really stable and easy to move. Thank you for an amazing invention!

Profile image

I had a concrete home-made base before, but I am thrilled with Baser! Its mobility and packability are game-changers, taking up minimal space on my deck. I love how reasonably priced and user-friendly it is. If you want convenience, space-saving, and affordability, choose Baser! I rate it a solid 5 stars.

Esther Fyson-Scott
Profile image

Am so happy to finally swap my insanely heavy and yet wobbly parasol base with this great one.

Profile image

The parasol base works impeccably good.

Profile image

amazing innovative product

Profile image

"I used to have something else before, but Baser's metal base really impressed me. It's amazing how easily it moves around my garden, chasing the sun. The quality is top-notch, and it even withstands the British summer gales effortlessly. I rate Baser 5 stars and highly recommend it for its quality and mobility."

Julie Robinson
Profile image

I was looking for something for my parasols that I could actually move around on myself (without a man nearby). I can only recommend others to buy here.

Profile image

Absolutely perfect. Hopefully it will last a long time; time will show...simple and clever

Profile image

Best parasol base. Holds even in stronger winds.

Profile image

Everything fine, delivery time is reasonable, the product is great. Would buy again.

Profile image

Super easy to use the website. Simple to order and the base works perfectly :-)


Is there such a big difference?


The cheap patio umbrella has lost its color after the first season and now looks more like a striped zebra, and the beautiful anthracite color has disappeared like morning dew in the sun.

The crank creaks, and you have to help the patio umbrella up, otherwise, it's only 3/4 open.

And the expensive cantilever patio umbrella you bought 3 years ago has one rib as thin as a soda can, broken.

And now you've spent 5 hours taking it apart and trying to repair it, only to find that it's beyond saving.

That's how most negative reviews of cheap patio umbrellas and cantilever patio umbrellas start, and they look like this:

The fabric on cheap patio umbrellas just fades, like this charcoal patio umbrella, which is now purple with light stripes.

0.1 mm - THAT'S HOW THIN the ribs are on cheap patio umbrellas.

The thickness is comparable to that of a can of Coca-Cola.

This is exactly what we've solved,

Not just superficially, so instead of a 1-star review, it becomes a 3-star.

NO - We've gone all the way and created a high-quality patio umbrella with the most important features in the best aluminum and fabric quality you can find.

Whether you need a quality patio umbrella for the garden or a strong and flexible beach or balcony patio umbrella.

So it's really, really good

A patio umbrella from Baser is overall a really good patio umbrella.

They are heavy-duty, not only in the wind but also in their materials.

Solid 100% aluminum frames with extra-thick ribs, providing a strong and robust structure, so you avoid them breaking and rusting like the cheap patio umbrellas.

And the quality of the fabric, don't worry, I've got you covered. You don't need to fear anything.

We only use the best outdoor fabrics that are dyed through and through to retain their color and protect you from the sun's UV rays.

We don't touch the low-quality fabrics that are only surface-dyed like the cheap patio umbrellas.

Our patio umbrellas are also super easy to create the perfect shade with. They have tilt and height adjustment or the super easy and simple auto-tilt.

And, of course, our Original cantilever patio umbrella has tilt and can rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to create shade right where you need it.

If you want even more strength and control over the shade, then our Ultimate cantilever patio umbrella is the right choice.

Naturally, it comes with tilt and 360-degree rotation, but also with an important right or left tilt that allows you to easily shade the sun all day and adjust when the sun moves, so everyone can have a nice cool spot in the shade.

It's an ultimate cantilever patio umbrella with the most ultimate features, so you can effortlessly create just the right amount of shade.

So all in all, our patio umbrellas are of extremely high quality and also at a really good price.

And I would NEVER sell a patio umbrella that I wouldn't have in my own garden.

And the reviews suggest, with a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 possible, that both quality, product, and customer service work😉

100% Guarantee

Lasting Confidence with Baser’s Spare Part Promise

At Baser, we stand firmly behind the enduring quality of our products. That's why we offer a comprehensive 5-year guarantee on all spare parts for our products. This means that with Baser, you're not just buying a patio umbrella; you're investing in a promise of lasting confidence.

So how does it work? In the rare event you need a replacement part within this timeframe, count on us for swift and seamless support - you'll receive it promptly for free when you help cover the transport and handling costs.

You might wonder why we offer such an exceptional guarantee. The reason is straightforward: sustainability is at our core. We seek to maximize the use of recycled materials and employ sustainable energy in production; however, we do not stop there. After all, the most sustainable product is the one that lasts the longest.

Echoing the wisdom passed down from our grandparents, we believe in the lasting value of products. They often reminisced about a time when things were made to last, and if they broke, the solution was simple: fix them. This philosophy of enduring quality and repairability is ingrained in every Baser product.

Okay, I get it! Cheap patio umbrellas with thin ribs and surface-dyed fabric are a no-go

Let's briefly summarize what makes a Baser patio umbrella or cantilever patio umbrella unique.

In general, they deliver exactly what a patio umbrella or cantilever patio umbrella should deliver so you can enjoy a super cozy summer lunch or barbecue evening.

Baser patio umbrellas have a thick and durable frame and the best outdoor fabric. In addition, you can tilt, rotate, and adjust their height.

So, I'd probably check out my video below where I show which Baser patio umbrella is best for your terrace.

And avoid wasting money on another cheap patio umbrella that only lasts 1 or 2 summers.

Patio Umbrellas

Centerpole Patio Umbrellas

Ideal for your spacious terraces, Baser Centerpole Patio umbrellas gives you simple, sophisticated shade with elegant ease.


Cantilever Patio Umbrellas

For your spacious outdoor retreat, Baser Cantilever Patio Umbrellas gives you stylish, flexible shade with simple elegance.


Flexible Balcony Patio Umbrellas

Perfect for your cozy balcony or snug space, the Compact patio umbrella brings charm and shade to even the tiniest of outdoor areas.


Beach Patio Umbrellas

Bring it to the beach for a shaded retreat, protecting yourself and your kids from the sun.

Frequently asked questions

No Question is Too Small or Silly

Asking the right questions is crucial

We're here to answer all of them.If you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to delve into our extensive FAQ guide or have a chat with us.

Prefer email? Reach out to us at help During our peak season from April to August, we ensure a response within 24 hours. Your queries matter to us, and we're committed to providing timely and helpful support

What sustainable materials are used in Baser patio umbrellas?
How does the 5-year spare part guarantee work?
How does Baser ensure that their patio umbrellas are suitable for various weather conditions?
Are the materials used in Baser patio umbrellas recyclable at the end of their life cycle?
How does Baser's online purchasing process work, and what kind of after-sales support can I expect?

Patio umbrella or Umbrella?

What is the difference and which patio umbrella choose & what to look for

Elevate Your Outdoor Living

Welcome to Baser, where exceptional patio umbrellas transform your outdoor spaces. Whether it’s a robust cantilever for expansive shade or a compact balcony patio umbrella for cozy nooks, Baser has the perfect match. Each patio umbrella promises UV protection and enduring color, crafted to withstand the elements with grace.

Garden and Terrace Essentials

Our Original Push and Supreme Push models are popular for their effortless operation and stylish presence. For balconies, the Flexible Push adds charm to your personal oasis, while our Signature Crank and Ultimate cantilever are the go-to choices for rooftop resilience. For your lounge area our Original cantilever is a safe choice.

Long-Lasting UV Protection

Baser patio umbrellas assure long-term defense against the sun’s rays and weather changes. With a variety of sizes, colors, and designs, you'll find the patio umbrella that fits your style. You can read more about patio umbrellas that protects you from the UV rays.

Exceptional Durability and Design

We utilize premium materials like aluminum, fiberglass, and steel, meticulously surface-treated for durability. Paired with top-tier solution-dyed fabric, our patio umbrellas are a testament to quality.

Centerpole Patio umbrellas: A Classic Choice

Our centerpole or market patio umbrellas are superb for terraces or lounges, offering a wide shade with tilt function and height adjustment, all framed in 100% aluminum.

Cantilever Patio umbrellas: Strength and Ease

Known for their strength and ease of use, our cantilevers and side-pole patio umbrellas provide ample shade over garden tables or lounge areas. With 240g/m2 solution-dyed fabric, they offer unbeatable color fastness and UV protection.

Balcony and Beach Perfection

The Flexible Push, is a ideal balcony patio umbrella or fantastic as a beach patio umbrella, boasts incredible wind resistance. It’s compact, adjustable, and tiltable for optimal balcony shading.

Choosing Your Patio umbrella: Quality Matters

When selecting, opt for quality materials like aluminum for a no-rust guarantee. Ensure the fabric is thick, solution-dyed, and offers adequate UV protection. Read our guide and get a full understanding of what to look for in a patio umbrella.

Features for Shade Mastery

Tilt and height adjustments are crucial for a patio umbrellas to effectively shade. For cantilevers, seek 360-degree rotation and side tilts for full control. Its also important to evaluate what size patio umbrella you need, getting a big patio umbrella might not always be the best choice if there is windy.

Getting the right weight and base

Securing your patio umbrella with the appropriate base and weight is key to enjoying uninterrupted shade, even on breezy days. Baser's premium weight bags for cantilevers offers the right stability. For your centerpole patio umbrella the Baser Original Patio umbrella is the choice, our bespoke base is engineered for optimal balance and steadfastness.

Learn More with Baser

For a deeper understanding, explore our ultimate patio umbrella guide. At Baser, we equip you with the knowledge to choose wisely, ensuring satisfaction with every purchase.

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