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Baser is


Weather-resistant materials


Recycled plastics and wind powered production


Our products stand tall, even on windy days


What Clients Say


At first, I thought it was an expensive parasol base, but the screws on my regular base are helplessly rusted after 2 seasons. This base never rusts and the parasol is really firmly in place.

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"I had nothing before, but now with Baser, I have found the perfect solution. I love my parasol base and sandbag from Baser because of its practical design and versatility. It's truly worth it! I can't imagine being without it. A definite 5-star rating from me!"

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Caroline Bovyn

Fantastic product

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Great customer service, highly recommend

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Everything fine, delivery time is reasonable, the product is great. Would buy again.

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Stylish parasol base with great functionality. The Base is stable and safe even in windy conditions, highly recommended and.

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Your sustainable impact


You support low CO2 emission and local production

Ocean Plastics

You support fabric made with a minimum of water

You support production with 100% renewable energy in Europe

Your sustainable shade



Our strong and weather-resistant materials last for years.



Our products stand tall, even on windy days

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Patio Umbrella bases and stands

Find the best patio umbrella base for you

Your patio umbrella should be easy to move, set up and take down so you can have shade wherever and whenever you want it, right? To keep your shade stable, you need a good base, and if you live in a windy area you need a heavy base to keep your canopy from flying away or spinning like a bike wheel. 


The Baser patio umbrella base (with sandbags) comes in three versions to fit any patio, backyard or balcony:


1) The Original fits medium to large umbrellas, perfect for spacious backyards.


2) The Compact is a good choice for small to medium patios. It works great for umbrellas up to 9 feet, whether you use it with a table or not. 


3) The Spacesaver helps you out on small balconies or close to tables, chairs, walls or rails. You can use it on canopies between 7 and 10 feet. 

What to look for when buying a patio umbrella base

When it comes to picking the best patio umbrella stand, consider the following:


Stability – Your stand must keep your canopy secure. We recommend a 110-lb base for a 10- to 11-foot umbrella and a 66-lb stand for a 9-foot umbrella. If you need additional weight, our sandbags work great for extra stability. 


Portability – You may need a heavy base, but how will you move it? You can get a stand with wheels, but that only works if you have even surfaces from one spot to the next. You can also get an umbrella stand with sandbags, which will make it so easy to move that even your kids can do it. 


Material – If you want your shade to last for years, you need to carefully consider what it’s made of. A rust-free base, or at least one that offers rust-free, low-maintenance surfaces, will serve you best. 


Pole diameter – Your umbrella has to fit snugly into the base so that it stands tall and still even on gusty days. Most patio umbrellas have diameters of anywhere from 0.8 to 2.2 inches.

Heavy-duty bases for large umbrellas

The Baser Original has a patented locking system to keep your canopy exactly where you put it. The durable outdoor sandbags weigh down the stand for maximum stability, even without a table. By separating the base and weight, you get more portability in less space than from a base with wheels.

Say goodbye to rusty, unstable base tubes!

Rust and loose screws can turn your canopy into the Leaning Tower of Pisa, so we developed and patented a system that uses no tubes or screws. The molded fiberglass and strong outdoor fabric creates a rust-free, maintenance-free, long-lasting product.

How heavy should my patio umbrella base be?

Getting the weight of your base right is crucial for stability. If your umbrella has a tilt function, then you need more weight than you may think to keep your canopy from becoming a sail. 

To find the right weight for your stand, you need to know the size of your umbrella. We recommend a 50-kg stand for a 11-foot umbrella, a 40-kg base for a 10-footer and 30-kg for a 9-footer. 

Is there a universal patio umbrella base?

Umbrella sizes vary from 4 to 13 feet, so umbrella stands also vary, from 22 to 440 pounds. The closest you can get to a universal stand is one that fits poles between 1 and 2 inches, such as the Baser stand. 

The best umbrella stand for a balcony

Baser’s Spacesaver is a flexible base that offers great stability and fits into small spaces, so you can place it along rails, close to walls or in corners.

Where can you buy a patio umbrella base right now?

You can go to your local big-box store to find an umbrella stand near you. Otherwise, most online stores offer delivery within 2 days directly to your doorstep or a pickup point. At Baser, we offer xx-day delivery so you can buy an umbrella that will look good and last for years.

Earth-friendly patio umbrella bases with sandbags

We use 100% renewable energy (wind power) and 100% recycled plastic (RavamidECO) to build our products locally (in Denmark). Your purchase of a base will include two of our sandbags, made from 6.7-oz. solution-dyed olefin fabric with a Teflon coating to keep them looking good through the seasons. 

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