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garanti5 year spare parts warranty

klimaEarth friendly

Baser Original Straight Sandbags

As low as $39.95
  • Sleek Danish design, from top to bottom!

  • Easy to use! Fill your weight bags with any kind of sand

  • Save time and money! Durable materials made in Europe

  • More toe- and kid-friendly than concrete

  • Perfect for keeping items secure and stable

  • 4 x 55 lb for a patio umbrella on a standard cross-base

  • 2 x 55 lb for weighing down large items

  • 2 x 33 lb for securing small items

  • 100% renewable energy production

  • Made in Europe with sustainable materials

  • 5-year spare-part guarantee

  • Minimum water use in production

Free delivery within 2 days

Made ocean and scrap plastics

Wind powered production