Right below you'll find arguably the world's most durable and stylish sandbags as weight for your cantilever, to hold your drying rack in place and as extra weight for the regular patio umbrella base.

In the shadow of a patio umbrella in Christian's outdoor office in a sunny place in Denmark

Dear Family Mom and Dad,

You are not alone in your quest. There are many like you who are quite tired, that everyone pots and garden furniture flying around when there's a strong wind. And don't get me started on when umbrellas, hanging umbrellas and drying racks fall over.

You know what I'm talking about, because you've certainly kept feverishly in the patio umbrella when there was a gust of wind... so it didn't topple over.

You've tried to keep the drying rack stable by using random rocks.

And you've come home in despair after the storm, with garden furniture and pots strewn about in the garden.

Or you have a cantilever that never quite stands steady enough for the slightest gust of wind.

If it's just a bit familiar, sandbags from Baser are sure to be a hit with you.

There are approximately 62,204 Baser sandbags around around the world as extra weight for patio umbrellas or to hold garden furniture, drying racks, pool covers you name it - complete stable.

When Grandpa Arne devised the best patio umbrella base with sandbags, we hadn't thought that sandbags could be used so many other places.

They are used everywhere and they are loved because they are durable, hold their colour, are easy to fill and so they hold your stuff in place with style.

We see most people using our sandbags as:

Extra weight for the patio umbrella so that it to keep the patio umbrella stable.

As weight for the hanging patio umbrella.

To keep the drying rack stable in the wind

Ensures garden furniture in autumn and winter storms.

However, this is far from the full list and I'm sure you can find other places a Base sandbag can provide stability.

So say hello to the Baser sandbag which comes in half round and straight.

  1. Baser Original Straight Sandbags
    Baser Original Straight Sandbags

    Stabilize your cantilever patio umbrella or trampoline.

    As low as $39.95
  2. Baser Original Heavy Duty Sandbags for Cantilevers
    Baser Original Heavy Duty Sandbags for Cantilevers

    Stabilize your cantilever patio umbrella or trampoline.

    As low as $89.95

*and yes, the sandbags (without sand) are included in the parasol base :-)

*og ja sandsækkene (uden sand) er inkluderet i parasolfoden :-)

*und ja, die Sandsäcke (ohne Sand) werden beim Schirmständer mitgeliefert :-)

*and yes, the sandbags (without sand) are included in the patio umbrella base :-)

What it is just a sandbag? I can just buy some at half price from your online...

We are always honest in Bases - So yes a Bases sandbag is more expensive than many competitors.

There are round and square sandbags, and even plates you fill with sand or water.

The sandbags for flooding are also cheaper, but they're kind of designed for... flooding.

So really, it's a bit like comparing pears to bananas.

or actually, it's comparing cheap nylon fabric and thin plastic to a quality outdoor fabric that lasts color, is sewn with one of the world's strongest threads and all this in a stylish Scandinavian design.

I won't even go into how the design of the cheap sandbags is. I guess you could say they're practical, and I think that's about it.

And yes, don't get me started on those plastic plates that you fill with water or sand that before the season has already started yummy Or whose opening is so small that it takes the good part of July to fill up.

and by the time you get to August, well then it's just not quite stable enough.

Or those expensive granite tiles you put on top of your cantilever, which surely going to pinch one of your fingers and which are impossible to move once you've got them down.

That's up to you what you want in your garden...

Because that's right. We solve the same problem in the same way... at least almost

And now it's 100% up to you. I've told you about the pears and the bananas, so you can take your pick.

There's a reason why Baser sandbags are the Danes' favourite.

And yes I have your back (as in seriously I have your back).

Firstly you don't have to contend with sand in zippers or fabric that looks like it's good but has nothing to it at all, and I don't know about you, but design they really don't have much of in China.

Secondly, we have a crazy "we'll buy your product back if you're not happy" guarantee

Yes, we will buy your Baser sandbags back and yes I will pay the return shipping if you don't think the Baser sandbags are of the quality and provide the stability you want.

You can read the full guarantee below. And if you have a problem, write to Christian(@)mybaser. com and we'll fix it together.

But I'm pretty sure you won't be sending your Baser sandbags back because very few do. Just look at them here:

If you're thinking "well Christian it's good with you" then I've found some customers who say it better than me

Feel free to read the reviews here and many others on Trustpilot or Amazon

My drying rack kept tipping over in the midst of the wind. Now it's stable and the sandbag is holding up really well. Now at 3 years!


They are not cheap but are you crazy they are of a quality you can't compare anywhere. The hanging umbrella is stable now too!


Both the trampoline and the patio umbrellas in the garden went for a walk. They don't do that anymore! The fabric you can feel is of a good quality!


Our lean-to fence never stood stable in the granite patio umbrella base. 2 bases sandbags and boom! Stable, what more could you expect!


To avoid the door slamming in summer, this sandbag is brilliant. Nice and heavy enough and bonus the second one holds the drying rack!


My drying rack kept tipping over in the midst of the wind. Now it's stable and the sandbag is holding up really well. Now at 3 years!


Now I'm thinking you're about to be convinced. At least to the extent that I can present the Baser Sandbags in a little more detail.

Forget about USTABILE patio umbrellas, trampolines, drying racks or hanging patio umbrellas. Baser's elegant sandbags give you a solid stability.

Yes, we've all been there.

Where you sit with one foot on the granite block and hold onto the patio umbrella with your hand....

Sitting and eating in the summer heat while the hanging patio umbrella was about to fly off from a sudden strong gust of wind.

It is what most people complain about with traditional umbrella stands and hanging umbrella stands - they're not stable enough...

The when the clean laundry is knocked over or the trampoline is out of place after a minor autumn storm.

So stability we've hit the nail on the head, in an elegant and smart and incredibly durable way 😉


Is the sandbag really as good as you say?

I totally agree with you. We solve the same problem as other weight bags or plastic containers do just without their problems.

And our reviews also suggest that the Baser sandbags are pretty slick and a quality product.

At least it solves the problem of providing super stability to 4.8 stars and that's not entirely bad out of 5.

It's just a sandbag... I just use the cheap ones

I have also used that solution.

The duct tape solution... The temporary solution... The half-finished solution.

The kind of solution is just not good, not very nice and it doesn't last. And it's not very sustainable

The sandbags from Bases are made from an incredibly strong outdoor fabric and thread from COATS, which lasts.

Sewn with precision in Poland, so they last year after year.

And yes we've designed the sandbag so it actually looks nice.

Just search for weight to hanging umbrellas. They're often huge and clunky, impossible to fill with sand and they don't quite enough stability.

We've turned that on its head with our Baser sandbags.

Bases 4x25 kg are easily filled with sand and then your cantilever gets the stability you need.

And hey bonus - as you can see kids love to play on the sandbags and they don't hit their feet and they're easy to clean😉


Psst, if you're looking for a sublime patio umbrella base for regular umbrellas check out our awesome Baser Original

The choice to suit most and

our best seller is 50 kg

*and yes the sandbags (without sand) are included in the patio umbrella base :-)

Back to the sandbags... can the sandbags take it?

The only way I can tell you how much we believe in our fabric and sandbags is to take you the journey.

We visited and sampled the 16 biggest and best fabric manufacturers in the world.

One by one, they were taken down, and they most said that our requirements for strength, colourfastness, water repellency, dirt resistance and lie outside 365 days of the year and still have a great fabric to do with was... IMPOSSIBLE.

When you touch the sandbags at home, you can feel quality.

We were just about accepting half defeat and using some half-pint polyester fabric that only had a warranty on the color for 3 years max.

But then we found our supplier in Spain.

They made a sublime outdoor fabric which came so close to our requirements as possible. The fabric is ÖKO-tex certified and dyed through so it keeps its colour year after year. year after year.

From it is coated with a special technology to make it water and dirt repellent.

And it's all made with solar energy from its own solar cells and green power.

So when I say we can stand behind our quality, I stand behind it 100%. any problem, we'll fix



I know what it feels like to get the wrong product and to have spent money on something that isn't right.

It's annoying to say the least.

I'm 100% sure you're going to love your Baser patio umbrella basebut if not then we'll buy it back and refund you every penny.

And I'll even go one step further.

Set up your patio umbrella with our patio umbrella base and follow our simple guidelines and you don't find it keeps your patio umbrella SUPER stable.

Then you write to me and I'll even pay for the return shipping.

Because that's one of the worst things I know when I've bought a product and the company doesn't pay for the return shipping of the product.

That's right.

You just write me an email and we'll send you a return label and your money back no questions asked.

Is that a fair deal?

(let's be honest, it's not a fair deal at all - because I bear all the risk)

But I'm a grown man and I can live with the risk because I know you'll be happy with your Baser product.

Okay - you're probably wondering why we can give such a guarantee? It's actually quite simple.

A Baser patio umbrella base solves a lot of the problems that a lot of people like you have had with traditional patio umbrella bases.

And of course we recycle the few that come back - so there's nothing waste.

It costs a little in handling for us, but is good for you and the climate.

Okay. I'm in! Cheap china products are not the wisest choice and sandbags are pretty cool and good looking

Let's briefly sum up what makes Baser sandbags unique.

Well generally speaking it does keep your cantilever, patio umbrella, drying rack or bird house incredibly stable (yes there are Baser sandbags on a bird house somewhere in Scotland) The result is that you get great summer vibes and don't have to worry about the drying rack tipping over or the table and chairs flying away in a sudden summer wind.

The bases sandbags fit almost anywhere. They are available in straight or round variants.

At the same time, we make it as sustainable as possible by choosing the best suppliers and getting produced as close to you as possible.

So if you're recognise any of these situations in the images below.

Or Are just tired of other bad sandbagging or tinkering solutions.

Then I'll probably check out my video below where I show you which Baser sandbags to choose, so you get exactly the ones that meet your needs.

And you'll avoid Throwing money away or cheap China products.

Now that we're all agreed that using rock or bad china sandbags is pretty much last year you're probably asking which Baser sandbags are suitable for what?

Okay then, which Baser sandbags are right for me?


Original straight sandbags

Heavy duty sandbags for cantilever

Original round sandbags

Perfect for:

Preventing your objects from flying away As flexible and easy weight for hanging umbrellas Smart extra weight for the bases of patio umbrellas

Weight options

15 kg 25 kg 20 kg

Total weight

30 kg 100 kg 40 kg


39.95 USD 39.95 USD 49.95 USD


Straight Straight Half round

Size of sandbag

69x9x22 cm 76x11x30 cm 75x12x25 cm

Number of sandbags

2 pieces 4 pieces 2 pieces


Original straight sandbags

Perfect for

Preventing your objects from flying away

Weight options

15 kg

Total weight

30 kg


39.95 USD



Size on patio umbrella

69x9x22 cm

Number of sandbags

2 pieces


Heavy duty sandbags for cantilever

Perfect for

As flexible and easy weight for cantilever patio umbrellas

Weight options

25 kg

Total weight

100 kg


39.95 USD



Size on patio umbrella

76x11x30 cm

Number of sandbags

4 pieces


Original round sandbags

Perfect for

Smart extra weight for your granite patio umbrella base

Weight options

20 kg

Total weight

40 kg


49.95 USD


Half round

Size on patio umbrella

75x12x25 cm

Number of sandbags

2 pieces


How much weight does a cantilever need?
Do you also sell a patio umbrella base?
How much sand goes in each sandbag?
Is there free delivery?
60 days return no hassle.

Sandbags or Weightbags for your garden accessories

Weight bags for your outdoor furniture

Heavy-duty sandbags are great for keeping items secure and stable outdoors. Fill the bags and use them to keep your drying rack from falling over or your patio umbrella from floating away. Baser sandbags come in two shapes, straight or curved. Our contemporary designs solve practical issues with style.

Weight bags for patio umbrellas

Baser fillable sandbags are great for improving the stability of your patio umbrella bases, even against strong gusts of wind. One bag can hold up to 25 kg of sand or other weight and is easy to carry and position with its sturdy handle.


For a 2.7- or 3-metre patio umbrella, we suggest at least two 20- or 25-kg patio umbrella weight bags filled with sand. They’ll keep your patio umbrella from tipping over or drifting away in the wind. Baser’s sandbags are made from 190-g solution-dyed olefin fabric, which is durable and resists fading, perfect for the outdoors.


For even better support for your outdoor patio umbrella, we recommend the Baser patio umbrella base, and for smaller patio umbrellas the Baser half-patio umbrella base.

Sandbags as weight for cantilever patio umbrellas

You can also use our sandbags to stabilize your cantilever or offset patio umbrella. With these bags you can add up to 100 kg and keep your cantilever where it belongs. The Baser weight bag comes in two shapes,curved or straight, to fit neatly around the base of your cantilever and nicely on any terrace. Of course, traditional weight plates for a patio umbrella base work fine on top of a cantilever cross. But sandbags are easier to carry and position, so you get a base that you can love for years. For a 3- or 3.4-metre cantilever patio umbrella, you’ll need a heavy-duty cantilever patio umbrella base. We recommend four 25-kg patio umbrella weight bags filled with sand.

Weight bags for trampolines 

Trampolines are great fun, but you want to make sure they don’t bounce away. Baser sandbags work well for trampolines, giving them the additional weight they need to stay secure. Baser weight bags are durable and can rest on any surface, from grass to gravel and stone. For a regular trampoline, we recommend our Baser four-pack of 25-kg sandbags, which will add 100 kg. If you live in a windy area, we recommend additional sandbags, up to 200 kg.

Sandbags for drying racks

Air drying your freshly washed fabrics is great for the environment but a pain if a stray breeze scatters them across the lawn. Keep your laundry clean by adding a weight bag to your drying rack. A Baser sandbag is sturdy yet easy to move around. We recommend 15- or 20-kg weight bags to keep a drying rack upright. Sandbags are more convenient than concrete slabs.

Earth-friendly low-CO2 weight bags from Baser

We make Baser sandbags using 100% renewable energy and the least amount of water possible. Our weight bags are made of durable 190-g solution-dyed olefin fabric with a Teflon coating that keeps them looking good year after year. The sandbag also has a sturdy (sewn with COATS© Dabond thread) handle attached so you can move it easily every season.

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