Just below you'll find the patio umbrella base you've been looking for since the first time you sat in the shade of a patio umbrella on your patio or balcony.

In the shadow of a patio umbrella in Christian's outdoor office in a sunny place in Denmark

Dear Family Mom and Dad,

You're not the only one who's fed up with unstable and unreliable patio umbrella bases. Many, many others share your frustration.

You know what I mean, because you've likely experienced the frustration of trying, and failing, to tighten a loose tube for the second or even third time.

You've given up on trying to tighten the bolt on the tube, as it's become immovably stuck due to rust.

You gaze helplessly at your patio umbrella, which is swaying back and forth like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

And feeling a little worried whether the Patio umbrella might take another flight to the neighbour's garden.

Or are you tired of breaking your back every time you have to move your patio umbrella? And don't get me started on the fact that if you have children or grandchildren running around with their bare toes and accidentially run into the hard granite.. Ouch!

If any of this sounds familiar, I have good news for you. The Baser patio umbrella base is a solution for you and the over 20,312 others who have found relief with it.

Grandpa Arne, just like you, has tried out 10 different patio umbrella bases, but they either rusted, snapped in two, or put too much strain on his back.

After that he said stop

He wanted to make a patio umbrella base like this:

1. was easy to move and easy to assemble

2. fitted the patio umbrella perfectly, without the tube that usually makes the patio umbrella look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

3. was stable even during autumn storms

A patio umbrella base that actually worked

Are you tired of constantly struggling with unsteady patio umbrella bases that cause discomfort for you and your loved ones? If so, you need a patio umbrella base that actually works.

That's why Grandpa Arne created his own. It's sturdy, soft on your toes, and easy to move. Plus, it has a sleek Danish design that lasts season after season.

Say hello to Grandpa's patio umbrella base.

  1. Original patio-umbrella base with sandbags
    Original patio-umbrella base with sandbags

    The best all-round base for patio umbrellas up to 11.5 ft that demands extra stability.

    As low as $89.95

*and yes, the sandbags (without sand) are included in the parasol base :-)

*og ja sandsækkene (uden sand) er inkluderet i parasolfoden :-)

Und ja, Sie können für den gleichen Preis 7 kleine Plastiksockel für Ihren Sonnenschirm kaufen, die Sie selbst mit Wasser füllen.

*and yes, the sandbags (without sand) are included in the patio umbrella base :-)

Well, for what a Baser costs, I can get 7 plastic patio umbrella base or almost 2 granite stones!

At Baser, honesty is always our top priority - To answer your question, yes, a Baser is more expensive than the standard water-filled plastic patio umbrella base and the regular granite stones.

And yes you can buy 7 small plastic patio umbrella bases you fill with water yourself for the same price.

And yes we are more expensive than the granite stone from China, but we don't shy away from that fact.

So comparing Baser to the other options is a bit like comparing apples to oranges.

So if you can magically get your 3 metre patio umbrella to stand stable in the white plastic patio umbrella base or the little 20kg granite stone from China then give me a call and I'll see!

And if you believe it's worth it to save 18£ by buying a 50kg granite stone with a tube, even though it means having to lift the entire 50kg weight every time you need to move the patio umbrella just a couple of meters, then that's your call.

But Christian, granite patio umbrella bases have wheel!

Yep, correct. Just be sure to check if your patio is as flat as a pancake, otherwise those tiny wheels may have trouble rolling. And don't be surprised if, after a while, the weight of the granite stone takes its toll on the wheels and crushes them like grapes.

If you choose the one with wheels, remember to fold the patio umbrella when you are going to move it. You'll need to tilt the patio umbrella at a 45-degree angle so the wheels can touch the ground, and then you can "comfortably" drag the base along. What a workout!

Sure, a Baser patio umbrella base may cost a bit more, but trust me, you won't regret it. You'll be thrilled with your purchase, I guarantee it.

And don't worry, I've got your back. I mean it, I'm here to help.

Imagine, lugging around a 50kg base every time you want to move your patio umbrella. That's like trying to carry a small elephant! No thank you. With a Baser base, you'll feel like a superhero, effortlessly moving your patio umbrella with ease. So, go ahead and treat yourself, your back will thank you.

And let's not forget about our amazing guarantee - if you're not completely satisfied with your Baser patio umbrella base, we'll buy it back from you.

Yes, we will buy your Bases patio umbrella base back and yes return shipping I will also pay if you don't think the Baser patio umbrella base is stable and meets your expectations.

You can check out all the details in the warranty below. If you run into any issues, just drop an email to [email protected] and we'll take care of it for you.

But I have a feeling you won't be needing to take advantage of the guarantee. The Baser patio umbrella base is top-notch and sure to exceed your expectations. Just like these happy customers:

If you're thinking "well Christian it's good with you" then I've found some customers who say it better than me

Feel free to read the reviews here and many others on Trustpilot or Amazon

The best on the market. We bought the first patio umbrella base last year, a great product, nice design, easy to move


The patio umbrella foot I've been looking for for the last 10 years as a homeowner.


A beautiful and simple patio umbrella base. It is easy to assemble and move without splitting the back.


Great product! Nothing less. The kids use the sandbags to sit on if they need to get the sandals off or on.


Our great patio umbrella is finally on a leash! We had to go through 4 other types of patio umbrella feet before we found this ingenious foot.


Without discussion the best addition to my terrace! The two sandbags are easy to move and they actually look nice!


Now, I think you're close to being convinced.

Especially after I give you a closer look at the Baser patio umbrella base.

Forget about flying unstable patio umbrella that you have to chase around the garden. You can learn back and enjoy the shade with Baser's patio umbrella base.

Yes, we've all experienced it.

Sitting with one foot on the granite block and holding onto the patio umbrella with one hand.

Stability is the most important parameter when choosing a patio umbrella base.

This is the first thing that comes up during negative reviews of traditional patio umbrella base.

Stability is a crucial aspect and it's hitting the bullseye.


After all, stability that is easy to move around.... that's pretty essential when the sun moves or you want shade at the other end of the garden😉

Just to mention, the Baser patio umbrella base, is quite simply super child friendly.

The sandbags are plush, making them great for dancing and jumping on. Kids especially love washing them with the garden hose, which they find to be a hilarious activity.😄

It doesn't look like a patio umbrella base!

Different.... Yes a Baser patio umbrella base is not an ordinary patio umbrella base....

Because if it did, it would have all the problems that the typical patio umbrella bases have in common.

According to customer reviews, the Baser patio umbrella base is significantly smarter and easier to use compared to others.

In any case, the Baser patio umbrella base has received 4.8 out of 5 stars for its ability to securely hold the patio umbrella, indicating that it is highly rated.

But what is the patio umbrella base made of?

Then Grandpa came and said: It must be made of plastic.

And I thought... what?

Because I've sat in the white plastic chair and the legs broke.

But... like so many times before, Grandpa was often two steps ahead of me.

He suggested using the same type of plastic that many cars and car engine parts are made of.

Namely PA6.30 or commonly known as glass-fibre reinforced nylon.

Little did I know that glass-reinforced nylon is one of the most widely used thermoplastic types in the world.

The use of glass-reinforced nylon in the Baser patio umbrella base makes it tough and durable, yet still flexible and usable, which is ideal for outdoor use in both sunny and rainy conditions.

Overall, glass-reinforced nylon is the perfect material for making a patio umbrella base, offering a combination of strength and flexibility that metal or granite cannot match.

And it's viable or in other words - sustainable!

So by now you're probably thinking - how can plastic be sustainable?


We use Ravamid® ECO polyamide which is a residual material from industrial waste and old fishing nets and all this is converted in our production in Denmark and Europe using wind and solar energy.

So yes - I think it's fair to say it's good for you and good for the planet.

One day, when you have a Baser patio umbrella base in your garden, you'll be making a positive impact by recycling about 2 kilograms of plastic waste and old fishing nets.


And what is the rest made of?

Not only is the frame produced in Denmark using wind energy, but the sandbags are made from OKÖ-tex certified fabric from Spain that was manufactured using Spain's abundant solar energy.

By having our production take place in Europe, we eliminate the uncertainties associated with manufacturing in China and the long 22,737 kilometer trip that most granite patio umbrella bases have to make from China.

That trip saves about 2.3 kg of CO2 per product.

No it's not green-washing. That's because Baser consists of a small family with children who will live on the Earth after us, and therefore we want to leave the world a little better place than when we arrived.

For us, being environmentally responsible, ethical, and profitable all go hand in hand.

One small step at a time with each patio umbrella base.

Psst... if you're looking for a superior weight for your cantilever, then have a look at our awesome sandbags.

The perfect weight for cantilever patio umbrellas

when you're tired of heavy bricks

or plastic water containers

*And just to clarify, the sandbags don't come filled with sand. Trust us, even the strongest postman wouldn't be able to handle 100kg! :-)

Just throw away the instructions.... Grandpa made sure even grandma could assemble a Baser patio umbrella base.

If you had met Grandpa and Grandma, you'll quickly understand why our product is so easy to assemble.

Because grandma can put Lego together the wrong way.

She's a world champion at putting things together incorrectly, or finding a way to cause a problem even when following instructions.

That's why Grandpa made a patio umbrella base that assembles in 5 easy steps, so simple even Grandma can do it without feeling like Bambi on slippery ice.


And best of all, say goodbye to those screws or bolts that need constant tightening throughout the summer.

And to crooked patio umbrella swaying in the wind that are neither aesthetically pleasing nor secure.

Simply fill the sandbags, fit the pieces together, attach your patio umbrella and press the ring down firmly.

Then your patio umbrella will stand straighter than ever.


I know what it feels like to get the wrong product and to have spent money on something that isn't right.

It's annoying to say the least.

I'm 100% sure you're going to love your Baser patio umbrella base but if not then we'll buy it back and refund you every penny.

And I'll even go one step further.

Set up your patio umbrella with our patio umbrella base and follow our simple guidelines and you don't find it keeps your patio umbrella SUPER stable.

Then you write to me and I'll even pay for the return shipping.

Because that's one of the worst things I know when I've bought a product and the company doesn't pay for the return shipping of the product.

That's right.

You just write me an email and we'll send you a return label and your money back no questions asked.

Is that a fair deal?

(let's be honest, it's not a fair deal at all - because I bear all the risk)

But I'm a grown man and I can live with the risk because I know you'll be happy with your Baser product.

Okay - you're probably wondering why we can give such a guarantee? It's actually quite simple.

A Baser patio umbrella base solves a lot of the problems that a lot of people like you have had with traditional patio umbrella bases.

And of course we recycle the few that come back - so there's nothing waste.

It costs a little in handling for us, but is good for you and the climate.

OK, I'm in! Granite with loose tubes is not the smartest choice, and sandbags are pretty cool and good-looking.

Let's briefly sum up what makes a Baser patio umbrella base unique?

Well, in general it does what a patio umbrella base should do, so you can have a super cosy summer lunch or barbecue.

The Baser patio umbrella base is designed to accommodate all patio umbrella pole diameters, making it easy to move and incredibly stable.

And at the same time we make it as sustainable as possible.

If you recongise any of these patio umbrella bases below, with all their amazing complexities.

Or maybe you already have one in your garden, but it's rusty, the tube is loose or you can't move the 50kg at once.

Then you'll probably want to watch my video below, where I show you which Baser patio umbrella base is best for your patio or balcony.

And avoid throwing good money at a bad stone with a pipe in it.

So traditional patio umbrella bases are "so last year" Check below so you know exactly which patio umbrella base is the perfect match for YOU!

Which Baser patio umbrella base is the right choice for me?


Heavy duty



Perfect for:

Perfect for large patio umbrellas over 3.3 metres and if you have a lot of wind The most suitable choice and our bestseller is 40kg Great for the balcony or for smaller patio umbrellas or places with little space

Weight options

50 kg 30, 40 or 50 kg 25 or 50 kg


From 109.95 USD From 89.95 USD From 79.95 USD

Max patio umbrella size

3.5 m 30 kg = 2.8 m
40 kg = 3 m
50 kg = 3.3 m
25 kg = 2.2 m
50 kg = 2.8 m

Fits patio umbrella poles

36-58 mm 25-48 mm 20-40 mm

Size of patio umbrella base

60x53x60 cm 48x40x48 cm 46x39x36 cm

Number of legs

4 pieces 4 pieces 3 pieces

Number of sandbags

2 pieces 2 pieces 25 kg = 1 piece
50 kg = 2 pieces

Placement close to tables and chairs


Placement against walls / in corners



Heavy duty

Perfect for

Perfect for large patio umbrellas over 3.3 metres and if you have a lot of wind

Weight options

50 kg


From 109.95 USD

Max patio umbrella size

3.5 m

Fits patio umbrella poles

36-58 mm

Size of patio umbrella base

67x49x67 cm

Number of legs

4 pieces

Number of sandbags

2 pieces

Placement close to tables and chairs


Placement against walls / in corners




Perfect for

The most suitable choice and our bestseller is 40kg

Weight options

30, 40 or 50 kg


From 89.95 USD

Max patio umbrella size

30 kg = 2.8 m
40 kg = 3 m
50 kg = 3.3 m

Fits patio umbrella poles

25-48 mm

Size of patio umbrella base

48x40x48 cm

Number of legs

4 pieces

Number of sandbags

2 pieces

Placement close to tables and chairs


Placement against walls / in corners




Perfect for

Great for the balcony or for smaller patio umbrellas or places with little space

Weight options

25 or 50 kg


From 79.95 USD

Max patio umbrella size

25 kg = 2.2 m
50 kg = 2.8 m

Fits patio umbrella poles

20-40 mm

Size of patio umbrella base

46x39x36 cm

Number of legs

3 pieces

Number of sandbags

25 = 1 piece
50 kg = 2 pieces

Placement close to tables and chairs


Placement against walls / in corners



How many sandbags are included?
Do you sell a patio umbrella?
How much sand goes in each sandbag?
Is delivery free?
A 60-day hassle-free return policy.

If you want to read the details about our patio umbrella base, just keep reading below! :)

Patio umbrella bases and stands

Find the best patio umbrella base for you

Your patio umbrella should be easy to move, set up and take down so you can have shade wherever and whenever you want it, right? To keep your shade stable, you need a good base, and if you live in a windy area you need a heavy base to keep your canopy from flying away or spinning like a bike wheel.


The Baser patio umbrella base (with sandbags) comes in three versions to fit any garden, terrace or balcony:


1) The Original fits medium to large patio umbrellas, perfect for spacious gardens.


2) The Compact is a good choice for small to medium gardens. It works great for patio umbrellas up to 2.8 metres, whether you use it with a table or not.


3) The Spacesaver helps you out on small balconies or close to tables, chairs, walls or rails. You can use it on patio umbrellas between 2.1 and 3 metres.

What to look for when buying a base

When it comes to picking the best patio umbrella base, consider the following:


Stability – Your base must keep your patio umbrella secure. We recommend a 50-kg base for a 3- to 3.3-metre patio umbrella and a 30-kg base for a 2.8-metre patio umbrella. If you need additional weight, our sandbags work great for extra stability.


Portability – You may need a heavy base, but how will you move it? You can get a base with wheels, but that only works if you have even surfaces from one spot to the next. You can also get a patio umbrella base with sandbags, which will make it so easy to move that even your kids can do it.


Material – If you want your shade to last for years, you need to carefully consider what it’s made of. A rust-free patio umbrella base, or at least one that offers rust-free, low-maintenance surfaces, will serve you best.


Pole diameter – Your patio umbrella has to fit snugly into the base so that it stands tall and still even on gusty days. Most patio umbrellas have diameters of anywhere from 20 to 56 millimetres.

Heavy-duty bases for large patio umbrellas

The Baser Original has a patented locking system to keep your patio umbrella exactly where you put it. The durable outdoor sandbags weigh down the base for maximum stability, even without a table. By separating the base and weight, you get more portability in less space than from a base with wheels.

Say goodbye to rusty, unstable base tubes!

Rust and loose screws can turn your canopy into the Leaning Tower of Pisa, so we developed and patented a system that uses no tubes or screws. The moulded fibreglass and strong outdoor fabric creates a rust-free, maintenance-free, long-lasting product.

How heavy should my patio umbrella base be?

Getting the weight of your patio umbrella base right is crucial for stability. If your patio umbrella has a tilt function, then you need more weight than you may think to keep your canopy from becoming a sail.


To find the right weight for your base, you need to know the size of your patio umbrella. We recommend a 50-kg base for a 3.3-metre patio umbrella, 40 kg for 3 metres and 30 for 2.7.

Is there a universal patio umbrella base?

Patio umbrella sizes vary from 1.2 to 4 metres, so bases also vary, from 10 to 200 kg. The closest you can get to a universal patio umbrella base is one that fits poles between 28-58 mm, such as the Baser base.

The best patio umbrella base for a balcony

Baser’s half patio umbrella base is a flexible base that offers great stability and fits into small spaces, so you can place it along rails, close to walls or in corners.

Where can you buy a patio umbrella base right now?

You can go to your local big-box store to find a patio umbrella base near you. Otherwise, most online stores offer delivery within 2 days directly to your doorstep or a pickup point. At Baser, we offer xx-day delivery so you can buy a patio umbrella that will look good and last for years.

Earth-friendly patio umbrella bases with sandbags

We use 100% renewable energy (wind power) and 100% recycled plastic (RavamidECO) to build our products locally (in Denmark). Your purchase of a base will include two of our sandbags, made from 190-g solution-dyed olefin fabric with a Teflon coating to keep them looking good through the seasons.

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