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Materials and production

Baser has set itself the goal that its umbrellas and umbrella bases are the most sustainable in the world.


We actively use renewable energy in our production and use recycled materials whenever possible.

Base: recovered fishing nets and industrial waste

Reducing ocean plastics is a crucial step in the fight for our environment. Each year, between 4.8 and 12.7 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean, and fishing nets are some of the most harmful. Recycling them means less new plastic and the survival of more than 650,000 animals which are killed or injured by old nets.

We use Ravamid ECO to mold our patio umbrella bases. It’s a strong and durable material made from these nets and other non-toxic industrial waste, with a UV stabilizer to maintain its color year after year.

Fabric: waterless dyes and eco-friendly processing

Each year, the textile industry uses 79 million cubic metres of water and creates 20% of the world’s industrial water pollution. With 2 billion people living in areas with low or no water,each litre we save can save a life.

Energy: 100% wind power

With corporations creating literally tons of products every day,we need to make manufacturing sustainable. We can reduce our impact by using renewable energy to battle climate change.

China manufactures 20% of the world’s products and ships them thousands of miles to reach buyers. Local production using wind power can improve local economies as well as reduce pollution.

Production: ethical and local

Happy employees are more productive,whether they work for us or one of our suppliers. Yes, keeping employees happy and properly trained increases labour costs, but it also results in lower defect rates and less waste, reducing overall costs in the long run.

Shipping: 100% recycled cardboard

The U.S. alone uses close to 100 billion cardboard shipping boxes each year. Our forests are the lungs of our planet, and deforestation destroys enough trees every second to cover a football pitch.

Although processes exist that can create cardboard from 100% reused material,the average box only uses 35%. We have to do better.

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