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At Baser, we know finding the perfect balcony or beach patio umbrella – one that's wind-resistant, yet suitable for tight spaces – can be a real challenge. Many have faced the frustration of weak, easily swayed patio umbrellas that lack durability and practical design. This is precisely where Baser's balcony and beach patio umbrellas stand out. Let us explain how our patio umbrellas not only resist windy conditions but also fit beautifully and securely in snug areas, offering you the ideal balance of strength, functionality, and space efficiency.

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Windstable and
flexible frame

>98% UV-block

100% Aluminium

Flexible Push, Antracite & Black

Opening Style: Push to Open
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Model: BAL-TURN-DG-FG-200R


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Windstable and
flexbile frame

>98% UV-block

100% Aluminium

Flexible Beach, Antracite & Black

Opening Style: Push to Open
2 M Round


What to Look for in a Balcony Patio umbrella

Flexibility All the Way

Fiberglass Frame & Solution-Dyed Fabrics

When selecting a balcony patio umbrella, flexibility is key. Opt for a fiberglass frame, which offers a lightweight yet durable structure, ideal for the confined spaces of a balcony. This material provides resilience against windy conditions, bending without breaking.

Additionally, prioritize solution-dyed fabrics. These fabrics are not only fade-resistant, ensuring long-lasting color vibrancy, but also offer superior UV protection, keeping you safe from harmful sun rays.

The combination of a fiberglass frame with solution-dyed fabric creates a patio umbrella that is not just functional but also stylish, perfect for enhancing your balcony’s ambiance while offering practical, adjustable shade

What makes the Best Balcony Patio umbrella

The right functions makes the difference

Tilt and Height Adjustment

The best balcony patio umbrella stands out with its functional versatility. Key features like tilt and height adjustment make all the difference.

Tilt functionality allows you to easily angle the patio umbrella for optimal sun protection throughout the day, adapting to the sun's position. Height adjustment is equally crucial, offering the flexibility to fit various balcony sizes and furniture arrangements.

These features not only provide tailored shading solutions but also enhance the use and comfort of your outdoor space.

A balcony patio umbrella with these adjustable features transforms it from a simple shade provider to an essential, adaptable part of your balcony's ambiance and functionality.

The Perfect Shape and Size for Your Balcony Patio umbrella

Getting the right shape and size is key

Why the balcony is the most tricky place

Finding the perfect balcony patio umbrella involves navigating shape and size intricacies. Balconies, often limited in space and unique in layout, require careful consideration.

The ideal patio umbrella should be proportionate to your balcony's dimensions, ensuring it provides sufficient shade without overwhelming the area.

In terms of size, smaller, compact patio umbrellas are preferable, as they fit snugly into tight spaces while still offering ample coverage, the most sold are 1.8-2 meter.

This thoughtful selection process is crucial as balconies present unique challenges, from spatial constraints to varying exposure to elements, making the right shape and size paramount for creating a comfortable, shaded outdoor retreat.

Securing Your Balcony Patio umbrella in Tight Spaces

Keep it stable in the wind

The right Base is Crucial

Securing a balcony patio umbrella in tight spaces requires a thoughtful selection of the base, particularly for ensuring wind stability. Opt for a base that is heavy and robust, or a mounted holder, to anchor the patio umbrella firmly, preventing it from being unstable or tipping over.

Get minimum 25 kg or preferably 50 kg for windy areas.

In compact balcony areas, choose a base designed to be space-efficient yet weighty. Look for models that can snugly fit against balcony walls or tuck into corners, optimizing space utilization while providing maximum stability.

This careful balance guarantees that your patio umbrella not only offers functional shade but also remains a safe and steadfast feature of your balcony, even on windy days.

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What Clients Say

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Everything is great, design and functions! A great product and prompt delivery!

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"Baser has truly been a game-changer for me. Before discovering this incredible brand, I had nothing. But now, I can proudly say that I support European products and their environmental messaging. Baser's smart product design, coupled with their environmental mindset, is truly commendable. I rate Baser with a stellar 5-star rating. If you're looking for a brand that combines innovation, sustainability, and quality, I highly recommend choosing Baser. You won't be disappointed!"

Stephen Jones
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amazing innovative product

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Was shipped as expected, good product.

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Best parasol base. Holds even in stronger winds.

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"I switched from Granit to Baser and I'm thrilled! Baser is incredibly flexible and easy to move, making my experience much smoother. Compared to standard bases, Baser is a breeze to use. I'd rate it 4 stars!"

Patrick Legros
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All the best and great product!

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Absolutely perfect. Hopefully it will last a long time; time will show...simple and clever

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"I used to have plastic products, but since discovering Baser, I've completely changed my perspective. Baser's grat idea of sustainability has won me over. I highly recommend choosing Baser to others who value eco-friendly options. I rate my experience with Baser a solid 5 stars!"

Cheryl Denny
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Stylish parasol base with great functionality. The Base is stable and safe even in windy conditions, highly recommended and.

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Everything fine, delivery time is reasonable, the product is great. Would buy again.

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Super easy to use the website. Simple to order and the base works perfectly :-)

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Best product ever to stabilize my shade! My kids love to sit on the sandbags - it is easy to move around, its pretty and you dont hurt your feet if you accidentally hit it :)

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"I had nothing before, but now with Baser, I have found the perfect solution. I love my parasol base and sandbag from Baser because of its practical design and versatility. It's truly worth it! I can't imagine being without it. A definite 5-star rating from me!"

Caroline Bovyn
Profile image

I have been missing this parasol base for the last 10 years as a homeowner. Simple and stylish. An old and useless concrete base can be picked up at the recycling station :-)

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The parasol base works impeccably good.

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Good experience

John J
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Før havde jeg en plastik parasolfod, men jeg er så glad for min Baser. Den ligger perfekt og virker upåklageligt. Andre bør helt klart vælge Baser, da den ikke kun fungerer godt, men også ser pæn ud. Jeg giver den 5 stjerner!

Tina Rasmussen
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I take every opportunity to recommend the product to others, as it is really stable and easy to move. Thank you for an amazing invention!

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At first, I thought it was an expensive parasol base, but the screws on my regular base are helplessly rusted after 2 seasons. This base never rusts and the parasol is really firmly in place.

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Fantastic product, easy to move, no longer any heavy lifting of 50 kg granite :)

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Great customer service, highly recommend

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Basers way of handling orders is absolutely perfect. Accurate and without any problems.

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Am so happy to finally swap my insanely heavy and yet wobbly parasol base with this great one.

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Impressed that such a simple thing can be redesigned in such a smart way! Definitely recommended - have 3 in my garden.

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"I used to have something else before, but Baser's metal base really impressed me. It's amazing how easily it moves around my garden, chasing the sun. The quality is top-notch, and it even withstands the British summer gales effortlessly. I rate Baser 5 stars and highly recommend it for its quality and mobility."

Julie Robinson
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Fantastic product

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I was looking for something for my parasols that I could actually move around on myself (without a man nearby). I can only recommend others to buy here.

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It’s brilliant, just what I wanted, and an excellent (so simple to use) design.

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Safe and fast delivery

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I had a concrete home-made base before, but I am thrilled with Baser! Its mobility and packability are game-changers, taking up minimal space on my deck. I love how reasonably priced and user-friendly it is. If you want convenience, space-saving, and affordability, choose Baser! I rate it a solid 5 stars.

Esther Fyson-Scott
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"Before discovering Baser, we had nothing for our parasol base. Thanks to Baser, assembly is a breeze, and storing it when not in use is a piece of cake. It does exactly what it promises, making it a top choice. 5-star rating for my Baser!"

Sile Harty
Profile image

I didn't have a parasol before, but since I discovered Baser, I'm extremely satisfied. The simplicity of its construction and the fact that unnecessary weight is not shipped are what I appreciate the most. I find Baser easy to use and it seems to be quite durable. Overall, I rate Baser with 4 stars. I highly recommend it to others seeking a reliable and user-friendly parasol option.

Kim Svensson
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It can only be recommended. It is super nice that you can move it without too much hassle, and then it is stable even when it's windy

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Super easy to move around. Nice design but I had some issues with the setup. Fixed it after talking to customer support.


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Balcony patio umbrella

The Ultimate Balcony and Beach patio umbrella from Baser

Embrace the Sun with Unmatched Durability and Style

Finding the perfect balcony or beach patio umbrella is often a daunting task. You want something that withstands the test of windy conditions, fits snugly in limited spaces, and exudes style. Baser addresses these needs with our superior range of balcony and beach patio umbrellas, designed to offer an unrivaled balance of strength, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Flexibility All the Way: The Fiberglass Frame & Solution-Dyed Fabrics

When it comes to balcony patio umbrellas, flexibility is paramount. Baser's patio umbrellas feature a lightweight yet sturdy fiberglass frame, ideal for confined balcony spaces. This material offers resilience against breezy conditions, bending without breaking, ensuring your patio umbrella remains steadfast and durable.

Complementing the frame is our use of solution-dyed fabrics. These fabrics are fade-resistant, maintaining their color vibrancy for years, and provide excellent UV protection. This combination ensures your Baser patio umbrella is not just a functional shade provider but also a stylish addition to your balcony, enhancing its ambiance.

Functional Versatility: Tilt and Height Adjustment Features

The best balcony patio umbrella is defined by its versatility. Baser patio umbrellas come equipped with tilt and height adjustment capabilities. The tilt function allows easy angling of the patio umbrella, ensuring optimal sun protection as the day progresses. Height adjustment offers the flexibility to accommodate different balcony sizes and furniture layouts, enhancing the comfort and usability of your outdoor space.

The Perfect Fit: Navigating Shape and Size

Choosing the right shape and size is crucial for a balcony patio umbrella. Baser understands the unique challenges posed by balconies - spatial constraints and exposure elements. Our patio umbrellas are designed to be proportionate to your balcony’s dimensions, offering sufficient shade without overwhelming the space. Compact yet ample coverage is our hallmark, ensuring a comfortable, shaded outdoor retreat.

Stability in the Wind: Choosing the Right Base

Securing your balcony patio umbrella in tight spaces, especially against the wind, is vital. Baser recommends opting for a flexible balcony base that is heavy and robust, or a mounted holder for maximum stability. Our bases, designed for minimum weight of 25 kg or preferably 50 kg in windy areas, are space-efficient yet provide the necessary anchorage. These bases fit snugly against balcony walls or in corners, optimizing space while ensuring safety and steadiness.

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In addition to our exceptional balcony patio umbrellas, Baser offers a variety of outdoor solutions:

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For a deeper understanding, explore our ultimate patio umbrella guide. At Baser, we equip you with the knowledge to choose wisely, ensuring satisfaction with every purchase.

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