Baser warranty


Prior to use, carefully read the instructions on the inside of the packaging to avoid risk of product and/or personal injury.

Follow the instructions and keep the instructions for future reference by saving the packaging, by cutting out the instructions or by visiting



Baser ApS shall accept no responsibility for any damage to objects or persons arising from incorrect installation, incorrect use, incorrect dismantling or maintenance of the Baser ApS patio umbrella base or the baser sandbags. Do not use the product for purposes other than those stated; Baser ApS shall assume no liability for damage caused by non-intended use.

The patio umbrella base is intended to accommodate only central-rod patio umbrellas and a patio umbrella of a circumference no larger than that described below:


  • A patio umbrella base with 2x15 kg sand bags may accommodate a patio umbrella of max Ø 2,8 m.
  • A patio umbrella base with 2x20 kg sand bags may accommodate a patio umbrella of max Ø 3 m.
  • A patio umbrella base with 2x25 kg sand bags may accommodate a patio umbrella of max Ø 3,5 m.
  • A patio umbrella base (balcony) with 1x20 kg sand bag may accommodate a patio umbrella of max Ø 1.8 m.
  • A patio umbrella base (balcony) with 1x25 kg sand bag may accommodate a patio umbrella of max Ø 2.2 m.
  • A patio umbrella base (balcony) with 1x50 kg sand bag may accommodate a patio umbrella of max Ø 3 m.

Please note the local wind conditions and adjust the amount of kg accordingly. Always take down the patio umbrella in windy conditions.


The sandbags are intended to weigh down different items, however, Baser does not warrant the stability of those items nor that they will not fly away.


Always push down the ring carefully as you may catch your fingers. This product is not a toy, and must not be used as, for example, a boomerang. Always be aware of your surroundings and be aware of changes in the weather. Always dismantle the patio umbrella base in windy weather and take down your patio umbrella. Be particularly aware of stronger wind action on, for example, hills or elevated terraces. Do not place the patio umbrella base near open fire.


For safety reasons, when moving the patio umbrella, the patio umbrella fabric and the patio umbrella frame must be closed. Once you have moved the patio umbrella to the desired location, immediately place the sand bags on the legs of the patio umbrella base. When moving your patio umbrella, consider any possible wind action. Always ensure that the sand bags are filled with the recommended amount of sand and use the patio umbrella base only when the sand bags are completely full. Do not let children assemble nor operate the product.


Do not throw nor drag the patio umbrella stand or sand bags along the ground.


Any indication of this having occurred shall void the patio umbrella base guarantee. Compliance with these requirements is the responsibility of the user.


If the ring is slightly tight during dismantling, please follow the instructions on the inside of the packaging or by visiting



Baser ApS guarantees that the patio umbrella base and the fabric and plastic bags are not affected by defects in design and/or materials. This guarantee shall apply only to the first owner of each individual Baser ApS patio umbrella base.


The guarantee provided by Baser ApS under these terms and conditions shall not affect the liability of the seller (the retailer) pursuant to the general provisions of the Danish Sale of Goods Act.


Defects in design and/or materials shall be covered by a 2-year guarantee. Fabric bags/sand bags or any other parts subject to wear and tear shall not be covered by any guarantee, unless these are subject to design and/or materials defects.


The guarantee shall not provide cover in cases of: (i) Incorrect or unintentional use, (ii) Failure to maintain the product in accordance with the instructions; (iii) Failure on the part of the end customer to provide proof of purchase of the product from an authorized retailer; (iv) Damage caused by climatic influences such as wind and weather nor (v) damage caused by general wear and tear.


During the guarantee period, any parts, which in the opinion of Baser ApS are subject to defects in design and/or materials, shall be repaired or reimbursed, as determined by Baser ApS.


Any claims under this guarantee must be submitted – and accompanied by the product and proof of purchase - through the Baser ApS retailer, from whom the product was purchased. Shipment of the product to Baser ApS shall be at the buyer's expense.


Baser ApS acknowledging a claim under this guarantee shall not imply that Baser ApS also assumes responsibility for any possible damage or injury suffered. The liability of Baser ApS shall never exceed that described in these terms of guarantee, in that Baser ApS, to the greatest extent possible, excludes any and all liability for property damage and personal injury. Baser ApS expressly excludes any liability for consequential damages. This clause shall not apply if and in so far as its provisions are included in a mandatory provision of law in the country of the buyer.


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