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garanti5 year spare parts warranty

klimaEarth friendly

Baser Heavy Duty Patio Umbrella Base with Sandbags

  • Enjoy the breeze, secure in the knowledge that your patio umbrella is secure!

  • Save time and money! Durable materials made in Denmark

  • Set up in seconds! Assembly is as easy as 1-2-3.

  • The patio umbrella stand itself is so light, even a child can move it!

  • Perfect for center pole umbrellas

  • The Baser Heavy Duty is designed for large patio umbrellas (up to 11.5 ft) or places with lots of wind

  • 100% wind-powered production supports our world

  • 5-year spare-part guarantee extends the life of your purchase

  • Return program exchanges your worn product for a shop voucher

  • Produced in Denmark

Free delivery within 1-3 days

Made of ocean & scrap plastics

Wind powered production