Baser Heavy Duty Patio Umbrella Base with Sandbags

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Why Choose Baser

Heavy Duty Patio umbrella Base

Introducing the Baser Heavy Duty Patio umbrella Base, ranging from 50-100 kg, designed for unmatched stability and strength. Its enhanced frame and patented locking system ensure your patio umbrella remains firmly in place, even in very windy conditions or with larger patio umbrellas. Built to endure harsh weather, this robust base features durable sandbags for extra steadiness. Crafted from 100% high-quality recycled materials, it reflects our commitment to environmental responsibility and functional design. Additionally, its user-friendly mobility and safe design, which is soft on little feet compared to harder materials like granite or concrete, make it a practical and safe choice for any family's outdoor area.

Durable Frame

Made to Withstand Strong Winds

Patented Locking Mechanism

Discover the unparalleled stability of the Baser Heavy Duty Patio umbrella Base, ideal for large patio umbrellas and areas with intense winds.

This base revolutionizes the concept of sturdiness in patio umbrella foundations. Equipped with our globally patented locking system, it guarantees your patio umbrella stays upright and unwavering, devoid of any tilting or imbalance.

This heavy-duty base is crafted from reinforced Ravamid B, a material composed of 30% glass fibers and certified 100% recycled industrial waste and fishing nets. The frame reuse on average 2.5 kg of plastic waste and create it into new products that boasts exceptional durability. Manufactured in Denmark using 100% wind-powered production, it embodies both strength and sustainability.

Choosing the Baser Heavy Duty Patio umbrella Base means opting for a product that delivers long-lasting performance and environmental mindfulness, complete with a 5-year parts guarantee.

Strong Sandbags

Stability Meets Strength

Dense Thread Construction & Solution-Dyed 240g/m2

The key to the Baser patio umbrella base stability lies in the synergy between its unique sandbags and the sturdy frame locking mechanism.

Baser sandbags distribute their weight over the frame and keep your patio umbrella securely grounded, even when the wind picks up. It's a simple but clever way to ensure your shady spot remains comfortable and stable.

Baser sandbags are constructed with heavy-duty 240 g/m2 solution-dyed Polyester, sourced from completely recycled plastic bottles, certified by GRS., They're designed to resist fading, evidenced by their ISO certified 7~8 colorfastness Each bag is meticulously stitched with strong, industrial-grade thread, enhancing their durability. Thanks to their 100% PFAS-free water-repellent fabric these sandbags are a reliable choice for year-round weather protection.

Stable as a Rock

Heavy Duty in Wind

Available in 50, 90, or 100 Kg

Introducing the Baser Heavy Duty Patio umbrella Base, designed for steadfast stability, especially in areas prone to strong winds and for larger patio umbrellas. With options in 50, 90, and 100 kg, this base caters to a variety of needs with its substantial frame and innovative locking system.

This base achieves unparalleled steadiness through a unique combination of its weighty design and robust frame. The Baser Heavy Duty Base keeps your patio umbrella firmly in place, ensuring it remains unshaken even in gusty conditions, providing a secure and serene outdoor environment.

Whenever stability is essential for your patio umbrella, the Baser Heavy Duty Base ensures it with unmatched ease.

Environmental Commitment

Recycled Materials

Reused Material from 5.1 plastic Water Bottles

Our sandbags are made from 100% GRS Certified recycled bottles, with each sandbag recycling an average of 102.3 grams of plastic (equivalent to 5.1 bottles).

Additionally, we use a 100% PFAS-free water-repellent to avoid unnecessary toxins, making them not only reliable and durable but also an environmentally conscious choice for secure and steady shade.

If you'd like to learn more and view our certifications, please visit our certifications page here.

Specifications and Certifications

From Fiber to Frame: Certified and Proven

Measurements & Dimensions
How heavy should my patio umbrella base be?
Materials & Certifications
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100% Guarantee

5-year guarantee on all spare parts

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Baser Heavy Duty Patio umbrella Base

Engineered for Unrivaled Stability

Robust Design for Maximum Durability:

The Baser Heavy Duty Patio umbrella Base is a testament to our dedication to quality and resilience. Designed to meet the demands of any outdoor setting, this base is an ideal solution for those who require superior stability and strength in their outdoor shade systems.

Tailored to Handle All Environments:

Whether you're outfitting a spacious patio or a bustling commercial space, our Heavy Duty Patio umbrella Base is up to the task. Here’s what makes it stand out:

  1. Exceptional Weight for Unmatched Stability: Specifically crafted for larger patio umbrellas, this base boasts significant weight, ensuring your patio umbrella remains firmly grounded even in challenging weather conditions.
  2. Adaptable to Varied Settings: Its substantial design is perfect for both residential and commercial spaces, providing a reliable foundation for your patio umbrella, regardless of the location.
  3. Designed for Large Patio umbrellas: This base is an excellent match for bigger patio umbrellas, offering the necessary support to keep them upright and functional in all conditions.

Engineered for Convenience and Mobility:

Despite its robustness, the Baser Heavy Duty Patio umbrella Base is designed with user convenience in mind. It features easy-to-manage components that make moving and positioning the base a hassle-free experience, even in its heavy-duty format.

A Secure Fit for Every Patio umbrella:

Say farewell to the woes of unstable and ill-fitting patio umbrella bases. Our heavy-duty base is equipped with a versatile locking mechanism, accommodating a wide range of patio umbrella sizes (35-58mm) while ensuring a secure and upright position at all times. This system guarantees a perfect fit and exceptional stability, eliminating the risk of tilting or toppling.

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