Baser Beach patio umbrella base

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Why Choose Baser

Beach Patio umbrella Base

Experience the adaptability of the Baser Beach Patio umbrella Base, designed for ease and flexibility at the beach, whether on sandy or pebbled shores. This base, weighing between 25 and 50 kg, is ingeniously constructed for effortless transportation and setup. Made entirely from 100% recycled materials, the Baser Beach Base is a conscious choice, easy to fill and clean, and perfect for carrying. Everything fits tidily within the sandbag, making it an indispensable beach accessory for those bright, breezy seaside adventures.

Designed for the Beach

Compact & Lightweight, yet Stable

Patented Locking Mechanism

Discover the Baser Beach Patio umbrella Base, your essential beach companion. Designed for sandy and pebbled shores alike, it offers unparalleled ease and practicality. This lightweight, compact base, enhanced with our world-patented locking system, ensures your patio umbrella remains firmly in place amidst the seaside breeze.

Constructed from Ravamid B, a robust material fortified with 30% glass fibers and sourced from 100% recycled content, The frame reuse on average 1.8 kg of plastic waste and create it into new products that exemplifies unmatched durability.

Proudly manufactured in Denmark using entirely wind-powered processes, the Baser Beach Base is your companion for easy, stable shade at the beach, of course, with our 5-year parts guarantee.

Strong Sandbags

Stability Meets Strength

Dense Thread Construction & Solution-Dyed 240g/m2

Effortlessly fill Baser sandbags with either sand or stones and transport them to your preferred spot, even right to the water's edge for sun-safe fun. Their practical design ensures a stable and shaded area for comfort and protection.

These sandbags are crafted from sturdy, high-density 240 g/m2 solution-dyed Polyester, entirely sourced from, GRS Certified recycled plastic bottles, demonstrating a commitment to durability and sustainability. They maintain their vibrant color, thanks to an ISO certified 7~8 colorfastness. Enhanced with strong, industrial-grade thread and a 100% PFAS-free water repellent, Baser sandbags are designed to endure all weather conditions, year-round.

Easy to Bring

Designed for Ease of Use and Stability

Stability that is Easy to Fill

Discover the ultimate ease with the Baser base system, ingeniously designed for your beach trips. This clever base fits entirely inside its own sandbag, making transportation effortless. After a day at the beach, just empty the sandbags and you're ready to head home. The system is designed to be lightweight yet stable for your patio umbrella, ensuring minimal hassle with maximum stability.

The user-friendly sandbags are not only easy to fill for sturdy patio umbrella support but also double as a comfortable headrest in the shade.

Baser brings you a versatile, travel-friendly base that streamlines your beach outings. It's so conveniently compact that it can even fit in your carry-on suitcase, simplifying your journey to sun-filled relaxation.

Environmental Commitment

Recycled Materials

Reused Material from 5.1 plastic Water Bottles

Our sandbags are made from 100% GRS Certified recycled bottles, with each sandbag recycling an average of 102.3 grams of plastic (equivalent to 5.1 bottles).

Additionally, we use a 100% PFAS-free water-repellent to avoid unnecessary toxins, making them not only reliable and durable but also an environmentally conscious choice for secure and steady shade.

If you'd like to learn more and view our certifications, please visit our certifications page here.

100% Guarantee

Lasting Confidence with Baser’s Spare Part Promise

At Baser, we stand firmly behind the enduring quality of our products. That's why we offer a comprehensive 5-year guarantee on all spare parts for our products. This means that with Baser, you're not just buying a patio umbrella; you're investing in a promise of lasting confidence.

So how does it work? In the rare event you need a replacement part within this timeframe, count on us for swift and seamless support - you'll receive it promptly for free when you help cover the transport and handling costs.

You might wonder why we offer such an exceptional guarantee. The reason is straightforward: sustainability is at our core. We seek to maximize the use of recycled materials and employ sustainable energy in production; however, we do not stop there. After all, the most sustainable product is the one that lasts the longest.

Echoing the wisdom passed down from our grandparents, we believe in the lasting value of products. They often reminisced about a time when things were made to last, and if they broke, the solution was simple: fix them. This philosophy of enduring quality and repairability is ingrained in every Baser product.

Specifications and Certifications

From Fiber to Frame: Certified and Proven

Measurements & Dimensions
How heavy should my patio umbrella base be?
Materials & Certifications
Shipment & Delivery

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96% of all Baser customers are happy with their purchase, however, most importantly we always ensure that the last 4% become happy as well.

What Clients Say

Profile image

Good experience

John J
Profile image

At first, I thought it was an expensive parasol base, but the screws on my regular base are helplessly rusted after 2 seasons. This base never rusts and the parasol is really firmly in place.

Profile image

Am so happy to finally swap my insanely heavy and yet wobbly parasol base with this great one.

Profile image

Fantastic product, easy to move, no longer any heavy lifting of 50 kg granite :)

Profile image

I have been missing this parasol base for the last 10 years as a homeowner. Simple and stylish. An old and useless concrete base can be picked up at the recycling station :-)

Profile image

It’s brilliant, just what I wanted, and an excellent (so simple to use) design.

Profile image

All the best and great product!

Profile image

amazing innovative product

Profile image

I had a concrete home-made base before, but I am thrilled with Baser! Its mobility and packability are game-changers, taking up minimal space on my deck. I love how reasonably priced and user-friendly it is. If you want convenience, space-saving, and affordability, choose Baser! I rate it a solid 5 stars.

Esther Fyson-Scott
Profile image

Everything is great, design and functions! A great product and prompt delivery!

Profile image

Best parasol base. Holds even in stronger winds.

Profile image

"I switched from Granit to Baser and I'm thrilled! Baser is incredibly flexible and easy to move, making my experience much smoother. Compared to standard bases, Baser is a breeze to use. I'd rate it 4 stars!"

Patrick Legros
Profile image

"I used to have plastic products, but since discovering Baser, I've completely changed my perspective. Baser's grat idea of sustainability has won me over. I highly recommend choosing Baser to others who value eco-friendly options. I rate my experience with Baser a solid 5 stars!"

Cheryl Denny
Profile image

"I used to have something else before, but Baser's metal base really impressed me. It's amazing how easily it moves around my garden, chasing the sun. The quality is top-notch, and it even withstands the British summer gales effortlessly. I rate Baser 5 stars and highly recommend it for its quality and mobility."

Julie Robinson
Profile image

Fantastic product

Profile image

"Baser has truly been a game-changer for me. Before discovering this incredible brand, I had nothing. But now, I can proudly say that I support European products and their environmental messaging. Baser's smart product design, coupled with their environmental mindset, is truly commendable. I rate Baser with a stellar 5-star rating. If you're looking for a brand that combines innovation, sustainability, and quality, I highly recommend choosing Baser. You won't be disappointed!"

Stephen Jones
Profile image

I was looking for something for my parasols that I could actually move around on myself (without a man nearby). I can only recommend others to buy here.

Profile image

"I had nothing before, but now with Baser, I have found the perfect solution. I love my parasol base and sandbag from Baser because of its practical design and versatility. It's truly worth it! I can't imagine being without it. A definite 5-star rating from me!"

Caroline Bovyn
Profile image

Super easy to move around. Nice design but I had some issues with the setup. Fixed it after talking to customer support.

Profile image

Basers way of handling orders is absolutely perfect. Accurate and without any problems.

Profile image

Impressed that such a simple thing can be redesigned in such a smart way! Definitely recommended - have 3 in my garden.

Profile image

Safe and fast delivery

Profile image

The parasol base works impeccably good.

Profile image

Great customer service, highly recommend

Profile image

I take every opportunity to recommend the product to others, as it is really stable and easy to move. Thank you for an amazing invention!

Profile image

Everything fine, delivery time is reasonable, the product is great. Would buy again.

Profile image

I didn't have a parasol before, but since I discovered Baser, I'm extremely satisfied. The simplicity of its construction and the fact that unnecessary weight is not shipped are what I appreciate the most. I find Baser easy to use and it seems to be quite durable. Overall, I rate Baser with 4 stars. I highly recommend it to others seeking a reliable and user-friendly parasol option.

Kim Svensson
Profile image

It can only be recommended. It is super nice that you can move it without too much hassle, and then it is stable even when it's windy

Profile image

Super easy to use the website. Simple to order and the base works perfectly :-)

Profile image

Før havde jeg en plastik parasolfod, men jeg er så glad for min Baser. Den ligger perfekt og virker upåklageligt. Andre bør helt klart vælge Baser, da den ikke kun fungerer godt, men også ser pæn ud. Jeg giver den 5 stjerner!

Tina Rasmussen
Profile image

"Before discovering Baser, we had nothing for our parasol base. Thanks to Baser, assembly is a breeze, and storing it when not in use is a piece of cake. It does exactly what it promises, making it a top choice. 5-star rating for my Baser!"

Sile Harty
Profile image

Best product ever to stabilize my shade! My kids love to sit on the sandbags - it is easy to move around, its pretty and you dont hurt your feet if you accidentally hit it :)

Profile image

Absolutely perfect. Hopefully it will last a long time; time will show...simple and clever

Profile image

Stylish parasol base with great functionality. The Base is stable and safe even in windy conditions, highly recommended and.

Profile image

Was shipped as expected, good product.


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Baser Beach Patio umbrella Base

Ultimate Solution for Beach Patio umbrellas

Parasol Base for the Beach:

For beach enthusiasts seeking a dependable solution to secure their patio umbrellas, the Baser Beach Patio umbrella Base emerges as the perfect choice. Merging convenience with functionality, this base is crafted to enhance your beach experience while ensuring stability for your shade.

Optimized for Beach Use: The Baser Beach Patio umbrella Base:

Available in both 25 kg and 50 kg options, the Baser Beach Patio umbrella Base is engineered for those who prioritize a sturdy yet transportable solution for their beach outings. Its unique design is specifically tailored to cater to the challenges of sandy and pebbly shores. Light and compact, it is an ideal match for beachgoers searching for a 'lightweight beach patio umbrella base' or a 'portable beach patio umbrella base'.

Practical and Versatile Design for Beaches:

This beach patio umbrella base stands out for its adaptability, answering the needs of those looking for 'easy-to-carry beach patio umbrella bases' or 'beach patio umbrella bases for sand'. It is designed to be filled with either sand or stones, providing strong support in breezy seaside conditions. The simplicity of setup and the ease of filling make it a popular choice for those who value practicality and ease of use.

Sustainable and Durable Construction:

Aligning with Baser's commitment to responsibility, the Beach Patio umbrella Base is made from 100% recycled materials. Its sustainable construction does not compromise on durability. Made from robust materials like Ravamid B, reinforced with 30% glass fibers, it is designed to withstand various beach conditions, ensuring your patio umbrella remains secure.

Your Reliable Beach Companion:

The Baser Beach Patio umbrella Base is more than just a product; it's a reliable partner for your beach adventures. Whether you're searching for a 'durable beach patio umbrella base' or a 'sustainable beach patio umbrella base', Baser delivers. Its compact design allows for easy transport and storage, making it the perfect companion for sunny days by the sea.

Choose the Baser Beach Patio umbrella Base for its perfect blend of practicality, durability, and eco-friendliness. It's the ideal addition to your beach setup, ensuring your patio umbrella stays stable and stylish, wherever your beach adventures take you.

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